Touch screen problems with the new Nexus 7

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The new Nexus 7 was already facing some issues with its GPS System, through which the GPS signal stopped working shortly after activate. But it seems that this is not the only problem with the new Nexus 7 , 2013, which is completely bringing guys head to Google.



Through the forum Google Product Forums , several users have warned that the new Nexus 7 also presented problems related to  touch screen. Apparently, these users have reported that both touch screen and keyboard do not work properly at times.

Other problems that have the screens of the new Nexus 7 are some unexpected gestures ghosts. But the problem is increased when using the original keyboard tablet, which occur occasionally double and triple keypresses writing and gestures that have not been performed. Also, on the other hand emphasize that the spacebar key is one that is giving more problems.

One solution that has been through the Google product forum, is that those who have problems with the touch screen on the tablet start so sure to see what applications might be causing the problem. This workaround seems to work at first but as discussed on the official forums of the Nexus 7, soon reappear and even worsen even more .

Still, since Google are working hard to solve these problems presented its 7-inch tablet, which takes just a couple of weeks on the market, is that even though some users have chosen to switch your device with a new The problem seems to persist also. We’ll see what happens and how finally solved this.

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