Toshiba Pluzzy, system to monitor and reduce power consumption

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                                               Toshiba has announced the European launch of the first domestic modular system for energy control  called Pluzzy , to view real-time energy consumption of a home, including different kinds of devices and gadgets, and is characterized by its ease of use and configuration. Pluzzy to establish objectives for both consumption and reduce electricity bills and CO2 emissions.

Toshiba Pluzzy

Toshiba Pluzzy

Pluzzy is a small hardware device that connects to your home network to measure real-time energy consumption of lighting, heating and other electronic devices. The system is completed with a series of sensors that measure the consumption and software that can monitor and configure the operation of all electrical appliances. This includes the establishment of parameters for use and consumption targets. This software is accessed from the PC, the TV, tablet or phone. The system can be controlled remotely, allowing the activation or deactivation manage different devices or central air conditioning systems from a smartphone, for example. Automation at its best.

As per Toshiba, this type of system can reduce energy consumption by at least 50% and can be amortized over a period ranging between 25 and 36 months, if the user manages their settings with them 90% of energy consumption of your home.


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