Toshiba e-STUDIO 360LP, erased and reused multifunction leaflets

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Although we are immersed in the digital age, many still circulating paper documents by companies. It’s inevitable. Often no choice but to print the texts and that always involves costs. Not only is financial outlays which hinder the income statements of the companies in the provision of consumables and paper, but also has a cost to the environment . So far the most I could do was try to print as little as possible and then send to recycle paper when no longer needed.

Toshiba has just introduced a new planet-friendly product. Is MFP Toshiba e-STUDIO 360LP , born under its program Carbon Zero (zero carbon dioxide). This equipment is made bioplastics derived from the plant, rather than from petroleum. This helps to reduce one fifth of CO2 emissions produced during the manufacturing process, in addition to contributing to lower the costs of recycling at the end of its useful life.The main virtue of the Toshiba e-STUDIO 360LP is that you can reuse the same printed sheet five times , allowing 80 percent savings in paper shopping starting businesses.

toshiba e-studio 360lp

Actually, this team consists of two elements . First, is the multifunction itself, capable of printing in black and white or color, scan and make copies. Then there is a second module , which is responsible for clear printouts. Called e.STUDIORD-30 and not only clean the paper, but also scan the documents before deleting. Also addresses automatically classify paper, reusable or unusable, eliminating the need to spend additional energy to bleach it. The e.STUDIORD-30 operates at a maximum speed of 30 pages per minute, it drops to half if well programmed to scan the documents in advance. With the reuse of paper, the Toshiba e-STUDIO 360LP achieves 57 percent lower emissions of carbon dioxide with respect to any other standard multifunction.

The color toner used in the Toshiba e-STUDIO 360LP is special. So that it can later be removed is made of a gel erasable . It’s similar to using ink pens Pilot FriXion Ball. While being invisible ink just after passing through the module e.STUDIORD-30 , the mark is recorded in the document and can still be seen.Hence it would not be with this team recycle confidential documents. To clear this special gel toner should apply heat, which makes the module e.STUDIORD-30 . So copier paper can be reused five times at the most. The company just announced that this new product will leave on sale in Japan in the coming February . It is still unknown what will be its launch price in Japan. The company has not revealed how much it costs in Europe. For now, what we have established is that the MFP Toshiba e-STUDIO 360 LP will be available at retail outlets throughout the country next year 2013

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