Toshiba camera module creates the world’s smallest

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The Japanese company, one of the largest in the electronics industry, has created a new camera module targeted at smartphones, tablets and similar mobile devices known as TCM9930MD.

This module includes a sensor 13 MP CMOS and has a shape factor of 1/3 inch with a total thickness of 4.7 mm, through the use of the lens system LSI. The end result is a product which undoubtedly can help reduce the size of smartphones and tablets, and even open the door to new designs.

Toshiba's Camera Module

Toshiba’s Camera Module

May this year is the date by Toshiba to provide the first functional samples with a price of $ 74 per unit, but mass production will not be set until later this year. No doubt that this price is very high, but given the distance from the initial date of the first samples and mass production is possible that the same is reduced.

It is expected that the first devices, smartphones and tablets, which benefit from the new module see the light Toshiba throughout 2014 and are classed mainly in the high end of each manufacturer.

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