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Almost a month ago that Windows 8 was released, and early reports suggest that adoption is not expected to be as important as the company. One of the pillars that should attract users to this system is the app store for Windows 8 , a market similar to what we find in mobile platforms such as Android or iOS . Recognizing its importance, Microsoft in February will try to reach the 100,000 apps in its store , a very ambitious target but may hide a lack of rigor in allowing entry of utilities. We produce a ranking of the ten best applications for Windows 8.

1. OneNote . The app to create notes Microsoft is one of the applications that have been able to merge with the idea that Microsoft has for Windows 8 . With a very attractive interface and a truly intuitive handling, OneNote lets you create notes quickly and insert images taken with the camera or the computer itself. The notes can be stored in different blocs with different sections with their own color. This is a very complete work that has caught our attention and all entries will be very localized.

2. SkyDrive . The application of network storage Microsoft offers 7 GB of free space for new accounts Microsoft  ( 25 GB for old accounts that confirm this storage capacity). The application has a presentation rather light and emphasizes the integration of this platform within the ecosystem of Windows 8 . While not reaching the speed of Dropbox , the U.S. company is creating a powerful ecosystem that can grow as much adopts the new Windows.

3. Skype . This is one of the most interesting surprises that we have found in the store. Applying Microsoftgets a whitewash, and the simplicity and appeal of its interface are very remarkable. Pressing the right button on the screen comes on top a record with the most recent calls. The call setup is fast and except some occasional mistakes during conversations (which are arranged to tighten on the call button) have found no effect. Certainly we find an essential application for Windows 8.

4. Softonic . The application download service desktop applications and other elements like wallpaper has an attractive interface and functionality quite simple. However, to make the download is necessary to access the Softonic website , so this app will serve as a showcase to find the desired programs.

5. Top Music Videos. If you love music videos, this is your app. Top Music Videos offers a wide collection of music videos that you can play in a list. Despite having a much smaller repertoire than other platforms like YouTube or Vimeo , one of the great advantages of this app is still no advertisement at the beginning of the videos and ease when creating playlists.

6. Apps preinstalled Microsoft ( Mail, Messages, Contacts and Images ). Although not a specific application and have generated mixed reactions, the Microsoft apps are a step forward in the integration of a global platform that includes contacts, email, chat and social networking. For the bet to assume we have decided to include them in this list.

7. Google Search . This application of Google can hang out unnoticed, because at first seems a simple tool to search (and therefore highly redundant having the app for Chrome also available). But inside we have a search history and above all a platform to access different applications like Google Drive, Google Maps or Google calendar. Though still should be developed a little more, this app is very promising.

8. Shazam . It is very likely that most of the mobile users already know too well this song recognition application. Just bring the device where the song sounds or sound from the equipment itself and tighten theShazam button. recognizes the song Once, the application displays information about the author, the disc that comes the song, a link with the letter and the ability to search related videos on YouTube . The application maintains the clarity and simplicity of its other mobile versions.

9. News Republic. ‘s popular news aggregator maintains a good bill within Windows 8 , with a classic design and a good distribution of news blocks. This is a good application for users who want to keep abreast of the latest information, although it may be somewhat redundant to have the app preinstalledMicrosoft news.

10. eBay . The popular auction platform and buy online now has its own app in Windows 8 . Its interface is true to the spirit of the system, the different elements presented in blocks. However, we have found several errors when rendering images of the products and the app crashes showing that he still has way to go to get into the top 5.

Every two weeks we will edit a new classification of the best apps in Windows 8. We invite you to comment on this classification and to offer new options to enter into this ranking.

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