Top 3 Online Video Watching Services

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Streaming video content has become a way to stay on top of the latest television shows, as well as homemade viral videos. In some cases, the content is available for free, but subscription services give you access to more videos sooner than if you wait for it to become available on demand at no charge. Among the top video viewing services are YouTube, Hulu Plus, and Netflix. Each service has a unique purpose and means of operating, so here is the skinny on each service to help you decide which ones you want to use.


This mostly free service lets you see user added videos, which include random Internet users as well as celebrities and even television networks. While you can’t (legally) watch a full copyrighted show on YouTube, networks will often posts clips of a show or a tease for future episodes. It’s also a treasure trove for humorous clips of pets doing tricks, kids saying funny stuff, and videos taken at concerts by audience members. As of early 2013, the video service began offering some paid subscriptions to some YouTube channels.

Hulu Plus

The regular Hulu site lets you view the most recent episodes of your favorite TV show for free, from both a computer or mobile device. With Hulu Plus, which requires a monthly subscription fee, you can see full seasons of shows that are currently on the air as well as shows that haven’t aired new episodes in years. The monthly fee lets you watch unlimited hours of television and movies that can be paused at any time and continued later. Most programs will even pick up in the paused location on another device, as long as you are logged in using the same account on both devices. If you’re a TV fanatic, this site is a must have. Since the videos on Hulu are longer, having high speed Internet service is important. If your Internet speed is slow, the videos may freeze often.  Services like CenturyLink Internet can ensure that your speed is quick enough to handle the video.


Netflix is known for its mail service, which allows users to get videos sent in the postal mail throughout the month. However, the company also allows online streaming service to subscribers, which don’t count against any movie rental allowances. The site can be viewed from any computer or a mobile application. If you don’t have an interest in getting movies through the mail, Netflix lets you limit your service to include only the online streaming service. Movie buffs will find the site most useful, but you can also find some television shows on Netflix, and sometimes series are released exclusively on the site.

Watching video online can free up a lot of your time in the evening; you can skip your favorite shows and just watch them on the Internet the next day. The practice also comes in handy when there are too many eyes and too few televisions in your home. These three sites all off differing service, but they are a good way to entertain yourself online.

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