Today’s Chatbots Are Same Like Website Of ’90s, Surely To Become Better, Better…

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Chatbots of today is what websites were in the 1990s, first and basic step towards better and better.

However, the websites took years to come in shape what we see today and chatbots seem speeding up and achieving the stages faster and faster.

Facebook launched chatbot earlier this year, in April, and in this short time it has started surpassing mobile web. Experts believe it may even approach the quality of mobile apps in some cases.

It is worth mentioning mobile apps got head start about eight years ago.

A simple lesson of history is to be followed here that evolution would be no surprise. Lately it has been common to say chat is the new browser and bots are the new websites.

A chatbot is immediately accessible unlike a mobile app. Here one can start chatting by just scanning a code, typing username or tapping a link. App need to be first downloaded, then one needs to register a account and then to research for some time how to use it.

In chatbot the interaction is just a conversation and hence it is easy to use. It is just seconds away. No need to download anything, no need to create account and also there exist no learning curve.

The Facebook chatbot today may not offer rich experience as the related mobile app, but in future the scenario will be different. It will grow better and better.

Let’s wait for the day when payments become a normal part of chatbot ecosystem.

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