Today marks the World Day Backup

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Today marks the World Day Backup , an initiative for users and businesses are aware of the importance of keeping copies relevant information that can recover in case of loss, theft or damage.We live in a world where personal memories, business documents and information of all kinds is stored in electronic devices fallible. The question is not whether or not they will fail, but when.

The backups are not given the importance until the disaster occurs. No matter in what medium we store data, whether physical devices at hand or in the cloud, keeping backups can save us the greatest disappointments when our information disappears.

World Backup Day

World Backup Day

The data presented in the portal that promotes World Day Backup speak for themselves: in 2013 more than 60 million computers around the world will fail and only 25% of these users have made ​​a backup. This data means that 45 million users lose their information forever. Regarding the mobile terminals in the United States are subtracted or phones lose 113 minutes.

Backups are easy to make and if planned properly become a healthy routine. They have a cost in time and resources, yes, but what we have to value when making copies is not how much the copy, but how much information is lost in the event of not having them.

Another important aspect of backups is checked to allow the restoration of data in case of loss. It is the step that puts the icing on the cake of caution. If the data we have are very important, maybe two copies to one.

Engadget Since we joined the initiative of the World Day Backup, aware of the importance of retaining the information.

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