Tips to get much more from iOS 7

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We reviewed ten aspects, tricks or details, sometimes lesser known but showing the profound change in iOS 7 against its predecessors beyond cosmetic change.

After an afternoon in which the news was more trouble to update to iOS in July , due to the huge number of users they were doing at the same time, we’ve been several hours with the new operating system for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch in our hands.

Much More from iOS 7

Much More from iOS 7

Much has been said of this new version and all its functions, which otherwise are not a novelty and we know since its introduction in June and through successive system Betas. But now we want to show ten keys that make true change beyond aesthetic experience with iOS 7 is different from previous iterations.

In the first place, no more be worrying to update applications. Simply activate the automatic update through the sameSettings> iTunes Store and App Store , and select Automatic Updates download. In the same way, we can synchronize on the same site as a device to download music, apps and videos, are downloaded to others in which we have the same Apple ID.



Moreover, it is also possible with iOS 7 block those contacts we have but do not want to call us. Until now had to talk, usually, the operator or using an external application. In iOS 7 just need to get to the end of each contact tab to find the “Block this contact”.



Present in MacOS X Lion, AirDrop is one of the most powerful features of iOS 7, but has a major drawback, which is that only works iPhone 5 onwards, as well as from the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch from the last generation. But for all those who can use it will be a very interesting added. For example, you just have to choose a photo and a touch around us we see who have the option to receive it and get it sent AirDrop.

On the other hand, it is perhaps something that can be criticized because the actual number of users that will be able totake advantage of this feature is really restricted to time .

Siri male voice


Siri, so far, has had a female sounding voice. Now the “parity” has also come to iOS 7 is possible to choose the voice of Apple’s virtual assistant. Just in Settings> Siri> Voice gender can define how you want to tell us Siri from now.

Blocking activation


Perhaps one of the most interesting features of iOS 7 gives the possibility to fight against “foreign friends”. In a first need to activate the “Find My iPhone” (or iPad) in Settings> iCloud . At that time, and we can connect to and from the online tool can detect where this device. The same tool is allowing us to establish a code to lock we indicate that the device is lost, and so that the thief has no more than a nice paperweight on your hands.

Tab “Today” Notification Center


For lovers of the order and to-do lists (and perhaps for those who are a mess do not forget anything) we can now define the Notification Center to show us all what lies ahead in the day . In Settings> Notification Center can activate and customize this tab, which can be displayed even on the lock screen, and the things we will choose which to display.

Change text size


Another feature that allows the new iOS 7 is the text size customization . Volvemeos back to menu Settings> Generaland look for the ” Text Size “. Then we can choose between the seven possible screen sizes for applications that support this feature (which will end up being most fit when iOS 7).

See what time the messages were sent

ios7_messages_animated-100 054 617-orig

Even when it starts a conversation you can see what time began, so far iMessage was not possible to know what time we had reached each. Simply swipe left and time appears to have been sent or received each.

What iOS apps are popular around you?


It may be that we really like an application, but in those with more social content, to enjoy better the more users use it.Now App Store has a new section  that displays the applications that have been downloaded or popular in your area.

The power of the new Control Center


Finally, if there is something new that is a very differential 7 versus previous iOS versions is the new management center l. Not that iOS 6 were not, you could see something similar to slide the multitasking scroll to the right, but now is something really useful to set the brightness, volume, control media playback, modes, and connections and to timer, access the camera and AirPlay features.

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