Tim Cook defends iPhone 5C

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The main criticism to Apple for the iPhone 5C  has been aimed at the high end price. These criticisms are based on the intense rumors for many months were betting that Apple will hurl the middle class market with low cost phone more accessible to other users. To silence critics , Tim Cook, Apple CEO , has come out and defended the iPhone 5C forcefully, saying : “We’re not in the market for the trash.”



These words Tim Cook has spoken in an interview with teammate Jonathan Ive, the head of the new design of the latest Versioned of iOS, iOS 7, and together with the hardware and software vice president of the company, Craig Federighi. In this interview had to leave, inevitably, the subject of iPhone 5C . As clarified Tim Cook, Apple never intended to launch a low cost phone, as was rumored months ago.

Although during the presentation of the Sept. 10 tried to sell the iPhone 5C come to America with a price of $ 99 with a contract of two years, the reality is that the price of the phone is $ 549 in the version Free and reach Europe for the price of a high end Android, € 599 . A price that is well above that expected by a lot of users. According to Tim Cook, Apple’s goal was not to launch a cheaper phone but a different user experience to what Apple had done before with his iPhone, a new experience based on color. 

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