Thunderbird 16 introduces silent updates

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Mozilla Firefox also has after the e-mail client Thunderbird to version 16.0This update improves the performance and correct minor errors. Besides, the program now updates in the background without the user. The dialog for the update progress is attributable to all platforms and on Windows, the user must also not respond to the notice of the UAC.

Also new is support for the online storage service is in File link, the previously supported only YouSendIt and Ubuntu One. Since the introduction of Link File attachments with Thunderbird 13 enables users to upload large files you want to send them to the cloud. Then they only have to send a link to the data stored there. This avoids that e-mail can not be delivered because they are based on the size of the attachment does not arrive at the receiver. In addition, the “Sent” folder and the recipient’s mailbox is less bloated.

In addition, Mozilla has 13 vulnerabilities eliminated, it has been fixed in Firefox 16th Ten of the vulnerabilities Mozilla classifies as “critical” because they enable users to inject and execute malicious code. For example, several Speicherbugs been fixed. Of the remaining three vulnerabilities goes from a high risk. list of bug fixes can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Remains unresolved is the release notes , according a problem when viewing RSS feeds in the Wide View screen. To get around it, affected users can disable the Lightning calendar extension or to Classic View and restart your email client.

Thunderbird 16 projects in over 50 languages available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux for free download. Alternatively, the progam concerning integrated update function are brought up to date. The Windows client uses XP requires SP2 or later. Also, the calendar extension Lightning is available in an updated version (1.8).

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