Thousands of computer lovers take the BEC

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  • Euskal Encounter knows no ages and welcomes families with children
  • The 4,096 posts with sockets for computers are almost occupied
  • Participants enjoy the connection and 20 gigabytes that offers Euskaltel

Computers, television screens, stuffed animals and all kinds of decorative elements from this morning invade Block Five of the Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC) in Barakaldo. The 4,096 posts with sockets for computers are almost as busy with towers and laptops connected to the 20 gigabytes that offers Euskaltel attendees to the twenty Euskal Encounter, the annual information event par excellence.

This is the party “with greater speed and more assistants” as noted by the organizers, shortly before noon, when a countdown and the shouts and applause of the attendees have been inaugurating the appointment.An event that knows no age and that makes entire families camp out for four days at the BEC.

A cot and a chair stand between computers, poufs, controls and consoles.Noelia is the story of Fernandes, who for the third consecutive year has come to Bilbao with her two years and three months . “The first time he came was three months. He loves to go messing with computers, it shows that he likes computers. Here it goes great , “the Asturian for whom this is the fifth edition. “We came with friends from Bilbao, they are the ones who convinced us to attend. Best of all, no doubt, meet with people who only know to play over the Internet . Here you meet them once a year, “adds without taking an eye off of the crib.

Meet friends and meet once a year is one of the reasons that agree on the majority of attendees. Jorge Fernandez, Madrid, 26, acknowledges that until they first arrived four years ago Euskal Encounter had a picture of an event “something frikie” .

“At first I had the wrong picture, I thought you were all about freaks, but as they were giving information and I could see firsthand what was here, I saw that this is not the real picture , “he says. Come from the capital with hard drives with a capacity of eight terabytes, does not hesitate to buy more storage devices “if necessary” and the 20 gigs esque speed allow you to download “series and movies for viewing later at home” .However, the social aspect is still very important for Fernandez, who along with his four friends will meet with those who only know online gaming.

Throughout the four days of almost unlimited connection , thousands of participants interact with each other, downloaded information or participate in contests and competitions with the hope to repeat again in the twenty-first edition.

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