This week Motorola starts Moto X production with 100,000 units

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The factory in Texas joining the Moto X, the smartphone made ​​in the USA that Motorola launched last month, has a weekly production of 100,000 units , according to unveiled the company’s CEO, Dennis Woodside .



In some previous statements collected by the resources , Woodside said the assembly plant, located near Dallas, would be able to produce tens of millions of phones a year , but that such expansion would be subject at all times to demand.

Moto X is the first smartphone assembled in the United States of Motorola , which has decided to focus, following its acquisition by Google , in patriotic feeling that contrasts with the trend of relocation and emerging markets followed by other mobile manufacturers. For now, the model is only sold in the United States.

The aim is that the software customizable colors and voice of Moto X will eat some ground to the current North American market leaders smartphones : Samsung (53 million units sold in 2012 according to Strategy Analytics data ) and Apple (43, 7 million units).Motorola’s goal is that the Moto X obtain a leadership position in the remaining portion of the market, which last year resulted in 49.7 million units sold.

But there are many obstacles to overcome. To begin with, that the factory manufactures denim Moto X 100,000 units every week does not mean that the band all . Moreover,labor costs Motorola faces in its U.S. plant which would almost triple if fabricase in China : an American worker earns between 12 and 14 dollars per hour worked, while one Asian country gets only $ 4.

These costs translate into a starting price of $ 575 for 16 GB free version of Moto X, and 630 for the 32 GB, offers, both colliding directly with the new iPhone 5C (also known as ” iPhone cheap), available in five new colors for 549 euros (16 GB) and 649 euros (32 GB). If you contract with a carrier, the price drops to 99 and $ 199, respectively.

However, the location of the assembly plant in the United States itself facilitates the strategy designed by Motorola, which focuses on enabling customers to order online your Moto X customized and have him home in four days . Although Woodside has not revealed what percentage of sales corresponds to this type of orders, it has ensured that it is “substantial.”

The CEO says that Motorola is taking the right step , the first of a larger plan: “We have production commitments that we meet our partner operators, and where we need to be at this point is 100,000 units, and that’s where we are , “he said.

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