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In addition to the iPhone 5, one of the most celebrated and awaited news of the presentation of Apple last Wednesday was the announcement of the new mobile operating system that will optimize all company devices except the original iPhone and the 3G, in addition to the first iPad.

To enjoy almost all the features of new and highly anticipated iOS 6 is not necessary to run to buy the newly introduced iPhone 5. Apple decided that users of iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, as well as the second and third generation of iPad, can enjoy the improvements offered by the new software will be available for download to download the September 19.

Yes, but the upgrade is free, only the iPhone 4S assimilate all the newsthat brings the iOS 6 and to install it on your devices need to install the latest version of iTunes. But worth it. These are the five most interesting improvements offered by the new Apple operating system for mobile devices:

1. – Siri finally arrives

Wishing? Talk to your iPhone in the language of Cervantes? Starting next Friday 19th September you can ask the virtual assistant ‘smartphone’ how Apple has been your favorite football team or what movie cast the movie you want to see. Siri finally give you the answer. Yes, this update can only take advantage of iPhone 4S users and the new iPad .

2. – New maps with 3D view

Apple mobile devices change official maps supplier. The application ofGoogle Maps makes way for mapping the Tom Tom navigators. The new operating system includes vector maps, satellite images, senses addresses, points of interest that are aligned on the map and the new 3D elevation view of cities like Sydney , London , Boston or San FranciscoIt also has integration with Siri voice, signs ‘turn-by-turn’ visual and voice guidance, and updates on traffic conditions in real time.

The appearance is similar to that offered by Google Maps and maintains the usual options of ‘Search’ and ‘directions’. Below the map, also appear eyelashes ‘Map Standard’, ‘Hybrid’, ‘Satellite’, ‘Set Marker’ and ‘Print’.

3. – Shared Photos in ‘streaming’

It is basically a virtual photo album that allows collecting and sharing images with family and friends via iCloud or via the web. It also allows commenting on shared images. Receive pictures directly on your ‘app’ photo or iPhoto and, best of all, is that the images shared no space in your iCloud account. Devices that can install iOS 6, only the iPhone 3GS will run out this function.

4. – Passbook, a virtual wallet

Basically, you can say goodbye to all those little papers that, in one way or another, always end up in the pockets of your pants: tickets, movie tickets, coupons … Passbook is Apple’s e-wallet and lets you digitally store all kinds of electronic documents-from boarding passes to concert tickets or loyalty cards, store for later use from the mobile device without printing.

It is also a smart portfolio: some store cards and tickets will automatically appear on the lock screen when you are close to the location indicated on the pass. Once used, you can delete them without problems and will not be around for your pockets until you decide to throw them. Only available for iPhone 3GS and later models, and will have no iPad version.

5. – ‘Mail’ new and improved version of Safari

Apple has redesigned its email application visually appealing and intuitive to read and write messages. It will allow to establish a contact VIP-preferred-to never pass you the ‘mail’ most important.

As for the new Safari, confirming their integration with iCloud. Now that synchronizes your open Web pages through any other device with iOS 6 and Mac OS X Lion Mountain that is connected to your account.

Note for the impatient

Although not officially available until September 19, some specialized websites as leaks already offer access to a version of iOS in June saying it is the same that will be released next week.

Apparently, one of the teams of developers working on applications for the new version of ‘software’ would advance, offering it to Apple users across different sites usenet.

Yes, but say they have not had any problems with the update,recommend making a backup of our information before we start to install the new OS.

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