They show images of a river on Mars

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CAPTURAN-MUESTRAS-330x350New images of the bed of an ancient river of almost 500 kilometers long in the valley of Reull Vallis on Mars, were collected by the Mars Express European Space Agency (ESA).

In the pictures you got this probe shows the structure similar to a river of about 6.5 kilometers wide and 300 meters deep, according to the Internet portal

Scientists say that the channel formed by the flow of water in the past three thousand 500 million to 800 million years thousand, while certain longitudinal parallel lines that mark his bed and are also visible in the images, are the product of later times.

These last lines, detailed, are due to the passage of loose debris and ice on the river.The area is demonstrating the same kind of glacial activity that took place on Earth in the past.

The Mars Express is the first European interplanetary mission operates nine years around Mars left Earth on June 2, 2003.

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