They have a smartphone that can connect with plants

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By a communication system we know how much moisture, light and temperature have our pot plants..


Become an interface for everyday activities more varied, fromconnecting to the car , with the fridge and even plants , thesmartphone serves increasingly phoning showed the Salon International Consumer Electronics (CES) Las Vegas this week.

The French technology group Parrot and South Korean Moneualpresented at CES , the big consumer electronics fair held from 8 to 11 January in Las Vegas (Nevada, U.S. West), a communication system with potted plants including captors that control the levels of humidity ,light and temperature and a warning device connected to a smartphone or smartphone.

The example is anecdotal, but it illustrates the extent to which the phone is integrated into the design of products of all kinds.

” You can control your life through a smartphone , “summed Lisa Hutchenson , presented at the CES device for appliances from LG Electronics .

From a specific application downloaded to the phone, a person can turn on the vacuum cleaner or washing machine and verify long until the meat is cooked.

And, before he entered the refigerador database a list of products with expiration date, you will know, thanks to a touch screen located on the front of the machine and connected to the smartphone, what items are missing or already expired.

The CES , the American Whirpool exhibited by his side a series of appliances that send remote controlabales texts once met with their assigned task, simplifying the user’s life, said a representative of the group,Warwick Stirling .

Ingersoll Rand , specializing in thermostats, locks and lights, also believes that the ” phone will be the remote command “of the future, said Matt McGovren , group marketing director. ” In the long run, everything will be connected. infrastructures that allow including the smartphone, are already there , “he added.

Delphi , an automotive equipment company, meanwhile introduced a device that allows one to verify the location and movements of the vehicle, and turn on their heating from a mobile phone.

At the opening of CES , Shawn Dubravac , an analyst at CEA , the association that annually organizes the salon, said that would be at the beginning of the ” post-smartphone era “.

Dubravac said mobile device users enshrine ” over 65% “of smartphone usage time to activities other than talking on the phone. ‘s mobile suite of applications submitted in the CES would be proof of that .

Whether to connect to appliances or vehicles, to control health devices to measure weight, blood pressure or blood sugar, a large number of devices presented at the CES have applications that allow access to data stored “in the cloud “of the Internet. Many exhibitors only went to CES to show some of these applications.

The owners of the two great systems of mobile applications , Apple andGoogle ( Android ), long understood the importance of creating an “ecosystem “of applications and quality varied, for customer loyalty.

But now imitate other sectors. Automakers Ford and General Motorsannounced this week the launch of programs that aim to help develop applications that are compatible with their vehicle.

“Earlier, the entertainment was limited to a car have a radio, now you can access a system that includes Internet, the smartphone and the car itself,” says Thomas Sonnenrein , director of marketing for the German company Bosch .

” If you want to control the system, applications are needed , “he added.

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