There is a new Trojan that hijacks Facebook accounts

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Microsoft has released a security warning about a new malware that ensures that masquerades as a Chrome extension or an add-on for Firefox to hijack Facebook accounts .

Initially detected in Brazil, the Trojan, which has been dubbed Trojan: JS / Febipos.A , tries to stay updated, as legitimate extensions browsers. This was explained Microsoft in a security bulletin on Friday.

Trojan For Facebook

Trojan For Facebook

Once you’ve got downloaded, the Trojan monitors if the infected computer has logged into Facebook to try to download a configuration file that includes a list of commands for the browser extension. Then the malware will be able to execute a series of actions on Facebook, including making a ‘Like’, share content, write post, joining a group or chat with friends online at this time.

As usual lately, malware comes with variants, some of which include commands to publish provocative messages with links to other websites.

In his foreword Microsoft did not specify how the malware installs itself or how infections occur, but the threat is great because it is able to change their posts, links and Facebook pages, and other activities, in any times.

The Redmond company recommends keeping security products updated with the latest virus definitions to prevent infection.

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