Theory suggests that Martian soil was too hot to support life

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According to scientists, the grooves of the Martian soil would not be formed by water but by magma that would have covered the planet’s surface

The hopes of many scientists to find evidence of life on Mars could this come to an end.Although the NASA robot Curiosity has not yet delivered its soil samples, a new theory has emerged suggesting that the former head of water on Mars would not be real. Former investigations indicated that groups could have run rivers above or below the Martian surface, but a publication launched through internet by Nature Geoscience shows that these grooves have been created by water-rich magma. They point out that this compound would be too hot to support life. The paper, co-authored by the Institute of Technology geologist Bethany Ehlmann, raises other two theories with this document. One notes that the water actually passed over the surface of Mars but failed to interact with minerals.Another hypothesis suggests that groundwater had high temperatures by the planet’s internal heat and because this could have provided an enabling environment for microbial life and for the structure of the clay mineral. According Ehlmann, this theory would not be entirely possible because scientists seek compounds formed in lava cooled to 1500 ° C, a temperature that, according to the geologist, would not be conducive to life .

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