The zebra crossing

Its inventor, George Charlesworth, became so famous that he was known as Doctor Zebra. In 1949, as director of the Research Laboratory of the road, in the UK, introduced the first thousand zebra crossings. During the first months, the team Charlesworth watched from the windows of nearby buildings how they behaved pedestrians and drivers . Although it failed to reduce the risk to zero , the result was a success: the cars reduced speed and allow the passage to people. So two years later, in 1951, the Government introduced the crosswalk at thetraffic law.


The zebra crossing came after several initiatives to support pedestrians to cross the street and the cars could roll on it. All were unsuccessful. The most famous is the one launched in 1934 the Minister of Transport, Leslie Hore-Belisha. It was an orange streetlight with flashing lights intended noted that the point where crossing the street. However, it did not work because drivers and pedestrians ignored his instructions, which led to its being withdrawn before increasingassaults.

In 1960 he was appointed director of the Traffic Control Unit of London, a post he devised numerous devices to reduce congestion at Heathrow Airport. recognition to all innovations, the United Nations was invited to advise the authorities of cities with many accidents , such as Hong Kong and Rio de Janeiro.

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