The X Phone from Google fight against the best smartphones

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Google is clear that, beyond facilitating the Android operating system to its partners, wants to establish itself in the mobile device industry as hard as Samsung and Apple have been obtained in recent years. This seems the company is adopting a new plan of attack with which hit among users.

Reportedly, Google has asked Motorola, its subsidiary, that a smartphone so sophisticated and high quality that can compete with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s major proposals. If all goes well, the terminal will be launched at an unspecified date this coming year 2013 , the first mobile phone created by the author of Google itself without the support of third party partners.

People familiar with this phone, which is known as X Phone, initially told The Wall Street Journal that the search giant hopes to create Internet a legitimate competitor to Apple’s iPhone and Samsung products sold worldwide with great success. added sources indicating that Motorola will continue to work in future versions of its line of Droid Smartphones in conjunction with his work on the X Phone. This will allow Google to increase its market share technological emphasizing product quality rather than the quantity, as Apple has only one model of smartphone in stores. In this combination, a Tablet X could also hit stores, though a no further details have been revealed.

Lior Ron, Google product manager, a mapping specialist , seems to be leading the project, suggesting that the phone could incorporate innovative features as the Google Maps mapping service . Moreover, it seems that Motorola is integrating gesture-recognition functions and images grounded in the recent acquisition on the software developer Viewdle.

According to Dennis Woodside, CEO of Motorola, the company is “investing in equipment and technology that will do something very different than the current proposals.” He also mentions that there is great opportunity in the smartphone market and even the manufacturer admits having “fallen in difficult times, “Google’s acquisition has produced have sufficient resources to” do great things “. As said, Motorola is experiencing problems in materials linked to the phone, with sources citing problems with flexible displays such as those believe that Samsung will present at CES.

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