The Windows Store crosses mark the 50,000 apps available

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It’s no secret that the Windows Store has lacked interesting applications for the new operating system from Microsoft but apparently not so few options as we thought, a proof is finally reached the mark of 50,000 applications available the store.



The apps that are available for both Windows 8 and Windows RT totaling 50.304 according to the resources who has been commissioned to carry out a measurement of all of them. However, the pace of apps that are uploaded to the store has decreased in recent months which shows a lack of interest from developers.

By purchasing with Apple we realize a big difference is that, despite being completely different markets, the Windows Store takes a good advantage to Apple’s Mac App Store since launched in 2010 barely counts with 14,000 applications. Here it is pertinent to mention that Windows 8 store also comes to the tablet market so it would be a bit unfair to say that Windows has a clear advantage, and if we get too technical, there are more apps that run on iPad from which tablets are running on Windows.

While it is encouraging to hear that there are so many applications, it is still difficult to find those that we are attractive but of course, the other option will always install programs for Windows 7 and earlier.

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