The Wii Mini “makes no sense” according to a British survey

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At this point and in stores Wii U Nintendo launch a review of the first Wii “makes no sense” a high percentage of the more than 1003 Britons polled by Voucher Codes ProThe firm asked for the interest the review up console, the Wii Mini , detecting only 24 percent wax enthusiastic with the machine.



The remaining 76 percent do not pay attention to the console to be released this March in European markets. Of this, 74 percent is not the meaning of the review, others indicate that the console are not interested because the machine “has no technological advances” in areas such as graphics.

Only 22 percent of the respondents say buy a Wii Mini once it hits stores. The console features a new design with matte black and red colors, dispenses with the wireless itself in the original and is accompanied by a knob Wii mote with Motion Plus technology. goes on sale in March .

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