The Vodafone HTC One updated to Android 4.2

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The flagship of HTC is the HTC One , a team with a design that lets the user impassive and made ​​of aluminum. It is sold with different national operators. And among them, Vodafone . However, customers who have purchased a HTC One with the red operator, will begin receiving an update icons Google,Android .



Vodafone has already warned that there is a new version of Android for HTC One that sell them. The update number is: . What offers this? Happen to have Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean . HTC One is the most powerful mobile phone that has the Taiwanese company in the Spanish market. And with it came improvements in the user interface, HTC Sense 5 , and new design.

one vodafone update htc android 42

According to the operator says through their support forums, customers can upgrade your terminal only through FOTA update , ie without having to connect the HTC One to your computer . However, to update always necessary to have a good charge on the battery-over 50 percent-, and connected to a WiFi network, for what not to waste the data rate and reach the limit before time- .

After taking into account these aspects, the improvements described in the support forum include: includes improvements in stability and performance of the terminal and operating system version. On the other hand, it may include more “widgets” shortcut on the lock screen of the terminal, put another way: you can access more features without having to unlock the terminal.

Meanwhile, one of the functions that called attention to the arrival of the latest version of the user interface,HTC Sense 5 , is known under the name of BlinkFeed . This feature makes the home screen is a constant information page, in real time, with the main channels of information. And to services already available, now added the possibility to directly browse all updates photograph network Instagram .

Also, the camera also gets its relevant improvements . That is, the Ultrapixel technology has improved in performance. And the HTC One was the first mobile company presenting this new range of mobile cameras . According to the operator said, the improvements are to stabilize and lock the exposure separately.

Rapid adjustments have not been forgotten. And as its name suggests, it is best to place them somewhere where the user can access them in the most agile . Hence it has been decided to include in the notification bar, where he will attend the percentage of the battery , and to know exactly how much power remains for the rest of the day.

Finally, Vodafone says the update has been released. However, gradually it will come to all customers in the coming days . That is, a way that servers are not collapsed, and operation of downloads is more orderly.

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