The Ville, the new sim to Facebook

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Electronic Arts opened the box of social simulators for Facebook to adaptation to their social network simulator Social Sims. His arrival was one of the most successful on Facebook, with millions of users.After launch, the company Zynga , a leading developer for social networks , was in the background to see how after the launch of The Social Sims games lost their popularity, launching from then different types of proposals and new titles.

Recently Zynga has taken a path similar to Electronic Arts and has presented The Ville, a game that is presented as the game was lacking in the range of titles “Ville” of the company, but the game focuses more on the social component of these applications, through a social simulator where, as in The Sims Social, our goal is to build our house and next to our little avatar will do it our own virtual home.

And will not be easy , since your character will have to grow while our house, thanks to the different objects that may improve some of the attributes of our avatar, or will cover the daily needs of it as eating , sleep or play . The visual aspect of the game is closer to that seen in other titles such asFarmville , but inevitably find several similarities with the social simulator of Electronic Arts.

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The social component of this game is again one of the cornerstones of the same, as we visit the homes of our friends , neighbors in this simulator, and even interact with their avatars, can engage in different types of relationships, from friends to family indeed. There will be no limit to the time to interact with all the neighbors want , and the game will reward us more than all the actions that will attract more characters to play.

Obviously our character can not do anything we want when we want, the energy will be an important factor in this game, which will serve to make our avatar actions and rest after performing many tasks . The energy , as in The Sims, recharges in minutes without ordering your character any action that requires energy use . There will also be the economic factor in the game as they need money to buy furniture or appliances or remodeling our house . The money it will be possible with the help of the work undertaken by our character, that as you get older specializes amounts of money.

The game has a weakness against the proposal of Electronic Arts, which is that The Sims is a franchise with more than ten year career, something that greatly helped to launch Facebook . On the other hand the range of games “Ville” has earned the respect of the users as several of the top games Zynga applications with unique users in Facebook for many months. Will Zynga with their particular social simulator unseat the rest? Again only time will tell.

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