The UNED opens the door of their courses online “free taking”

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The UNED opens the doors of its online university, with an extensive collection of free resources ranging from online courses as podcasts audiovisual materials, electronic books, databases, radio programs, dissertations, journals, study guides and digitized historical collections, and other digital materials available. Part of the strategy of the Open University is to provide access to online courses.

In the wake of similar projects implemented in Stanford or MIT , UNED, Telefónica Foundation Universia and Higher Education Center Virtual have worked together on this initiative to serve 500 million Spanish speakers . The new portal provides access to learning materials, learning or research for teachers to develop their own content with open tools, free and free. “We are building the XXI century university, open, free and borderless,” stated the president of the Open University, John A. Gimeno.

All Spanish and Latin American universities that want to use the platform to create their own massive open courses “have resources in various subjects, with flexible and customizable methodology”. So, there are links to libraries, documents, classes and courses open free mass(COMA). The courses have tutored learning forums that allows students interact with other students and self-assessment activities to assess the progress and pace of learning.

“In times of crisis or to get free college education an affordable strengthens the country’s human capital,” notes Gimeno. “In a few years we will offer thousands of courses on Massive Open Online” says Peter Aranzadi, director of Universia , who works on the project and now has 1236 partner universities. 

Most of the great universities of the world have a strategy for open and free educational materials, which together with the expansion and flexibility in access and use of Internet and socio cultural philosophy of Web 2.0 (with users as content generators, where there are shared experiences) enables universities distance education experts manage their courses in a more accessible to new students.

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