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The chaos in Syria and the overthrow of President Bashar al Assad will allow U.S. more easily carry out a bombardment of nuclear facilities and Iran’s missile and make the Islamic Republic has much less time to react.According to the report detailed the American plans, revealed by the U.S. magazine “Aviation Week, the country’s Defense Ministry and the government of Barack Obama see 2013 as the most likely to perform the attack, but do not exclude the fact could happen much sooner.
Challenge: kill airborne radar
According to the site, what worries the U.S. is that the Islamic Republic has allies on intelligence. Thus, the Syrian air defense radars share all information with Tehran. Any attack on Iran will be transmitted through Turkey to northern Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, or directly through Syria, Lebanon and Israel. Both routes require the ‘blackout’ Syrian radar for attack may be direct. The fall of the current government of the country and the chaos that could actually take the leave your hands free to the U.S., making it possible to carry out a direct attack against Iran, the more helpless before the bombing, the report said.
Imminent attack
According to information revealed no evidence that U.S. will not long tolerate Iran’s intransigence regarding the abandonment of the development of its nuclear program in the country insists that both American and West.
Military planners and White House advisers, says the media, are currently discussing the appropriate time for a bombardment, whereas the 2013 could be the most convenient, since, as predicted, after the presidential elections this November, the U.S. political pressure to prevent such an attack will be at its lowest point. In addition, the White House commitment to support Israel, whose domestic situation “is stabilizing and solidifying” the report said.
Weapons that will rock
For the U.S. mission is developing its F-22 Raptor fighter jets and twin seater fifth generation capacity available that allow them to perform missions that include ground attack, electronic warfare and signals intelligence.
The Raptor has three warehouses of weapons, with the ability to fit two medium size pumps or eight small diameter bombs, as the new SDB (‘Small-Diameter Bomb’ for his lyrics in English).
In addition, for U.S. mission plans to resort to the use of Disturbing Air Miniature Decoy (MALD) that has an approximate range of 575 nautical miles and seeks to protect manned aircraft, blinding or confusing enemy radars, the report says.

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