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Android users are not used to paying for applications as opposed to living in other platforms like iOS where downloads are priced. After many hoaxes and uncertainties , the popular instant messaging application WhatsApp has begun to demand payment for their service to users of the Google system.



Indeed, the application fee was always. Occurred only extensions of free trial period, which extended. Expanded as magic. Users of Apple products have taken since installing WhatsApp on their terminals occurred after paying $ 0.99 . But the case was different Android.

The company, founded in 2009 by Jam Koum and Brian Acton -former employees of Yahoo! – has always specified in Google Play the first year of use was free and, after that time, would have to pay $ 0.99 a year, a clause has been missed even if the license renewed without limit. As for Gabriel, who has been using the service for a year and three months and now the company has sent a warning message that must disburse the payment. Was time to expire and did not occur. Now that has changed and begins to demand compensation.

“Until now, users of Android to them the trial period expired, the application itself will extend the service to a new trial period for free, not getting to pay though never threatened to do so. Well, the party is over, and that is apparently the last users that have fared the license expiring these days have not received their free extension, ” explained from XatakaAndroid . “Although we have warned many times that the free contract expire a year, it has been renovated and we have continued without enjoying the ‘app’ ‘for the face,'” writes AndroidPIT .

“Users could enjoy a license year without charge and, when finished, the application granted another year. The difference is that, from now on, and will not, as indicated WhatsApp on their website. Licenses that expire will be renewed only paying ” recounts .

Several experts consulted by ABC ensure that this requirement responds to the new strategy to monetize this service WhatsApp, the most downloaded apps, with the growth of other alternatives such as Line .WhatsApp? Could to become Android payment from now on your first download? Will it affect their use?

Growth pressure of rivals

” WhatsApp is a finite thing called money , you have to invest in infrastructure and now has to start monetizing and get money to get a company funded and profitable. What he is doing is the most logical step is to try to charge users. This is a trial balloon to see what happens and if people pay or will become universal. If people, for whatever reason, switch to another application could switch to an advertising model, “says this daily Yago Jesus , computer security expert ‘SecurityByDefault . “

And is that WhatsApp has achieved a market share unimaginable that wants to maintain. Through its application spend more than 1,000 million messages per day worldwide. Experts believe that the main partners have pressured the company to quickly get benefit. Already last year, Sequoia Capital, a leading private equity investment from Silicon Valley, injected eight million euros in the company . After the failedbuyout by Facebook , the payment requirement has become real.

“This strategy of capturing users ends and at one point has to go to pay.‘s a movement out of the way for competition because they are seeing that there are threats and your ability to pay is reduced. If you are seeing or Spot bros Line are growing, spend anytime payment will come a time that people will say no, “he adds.

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