The top ten of the unresolved questions of science

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A British television channel launched a survey. Among the questions the existence of God and the cure for cancer


They are the classic universal questions, those that make it all but to which no one can give a definite answer, because they presuppose an act of faith can not be cataloged in a scientific field (God exists?) Are expressions of a desire for the moment only film (You can travel through time?) or are fears that date back to the Maya (When will the end of the world). Not surprisingly, these long-standing concerns are finished in a sort of “Top Ten” of unsolved mysteries, drawn up by British TV channel Eden, based on responses to a survey designed for the launch of the Month of Science (vote here the mystery unsolved more important).

‘BEFORE THE EGG OR THE HEN “- True, among the questions were off the charts are also classic puzzle with no solution yet (it came first the chicken or the egg?) or more simply everyday concerns (really does go off the refrigerator light when you close the door?), but the scientific issues that has captured the most interest. Not surprisingly, three quarters of UK adults 2 thousand participants in the research was described as “very interested” in science, while a similar proportion called for better information on the subject. “Our understanding of science is moving at an astonishing speed, if you think that 500 years have passed since the majority of people believed that the earth was flat – said Adrian Wills, general manager of the TV channel, the Daily Mail – and the Month of Science will just try to solve some of these universal concerns, although there is clearly still much to learn. ” And so close to a 54% of people who wonders if “we are alone in the universe?” And a 46% hoping for a cure for cancer (respectively, first and second most popular question of ranking) are a 39 % who questions the existence of God and 27% who wants to know if you ever colonize space (with 33% who wonders how big it is), while a good 20% are plagued by doubts about the human life expectancy . But for those who want the complete list of unresolved issues, with its scientific explanation, the Daily Star has prepared the “Top Ten”:

1 – Are we alone in the universe? (54%): according to scientists, the universe may contain many planetary systems where intelligent life can evolve, but we have not yet developed the technological tools that allow us to cover millions of light years to get in touch with them

2 – You will never found a cure for cancer? (46%): survival statistics in various forms of cancer are improving, with new treatments on the horizon and although it is unlikely that there will be a miracle cure in the near future, patients are still destined to live longer.

3 – Does God exist? (39%): there is no empirical scientific confirmation of the existence of God

4 – How big is space? (33%), some astronomers are convinced that it has limits, others from the Big Bang has been expanded with a diameter of about 150 billion light years.

5 – How and when life began on Earth? (30%): There have been many theories, from bacteria that have entered into symbiotic relationship with the convection currents that are passed through the Earth’s crust.

6 – It ‘s time travel possible? (29%): theoretically, it would be possible through wormholes, but these are unstable and require open take a repulsive gravity, whose existence has yet to be confirmed.

7 – never colonize space? (27%), perhaps. Some argue that we should seriously consider the idea of establishing colonies elsewhere in the solar system, when Earth became uninhabitable.

8 – With what will be possible to replace the oil and when? (27%): Alternative energy sources are already available, but we need to economize on the costs if you want to replace oil.However, progress has been made in nanotechnology that can be a viable answer.

9 – When will the world? (24%): the theories say that the universe will stop expanding and collapse, it will cool down to absolute zero and that the “dark energy” will eventually overcome the force of gravity.

10 – How far can you stretch the human life expectancy? (20%), experiments with mice have convinced some scientists that humans will soon live past one hundred years.

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