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From Monday Wii U users can download from the eShop application to use the service console video on demand LoveFilm , owned by Amazon. But only if they are  in one of the countries where it operates the service. He joins Netflix .

In some places in Europe such as the UK and there are two video streaming applications running payment, Netflix and LoveFilm . Both applications can be downloaded for free from the eShop if you are in the right country. Otherwise do not even appear as an option to enter the Download section of applications Nintendo’s online store. Once downloaded just have to tie them to their personal accounts on platforms to allow access to their media libraries from the same console.

In fact, anyone can download them with just configure your console in one of the countries where they are available and create a user with Nintendo Network ID associated with that country. But it will not help much because the service being accessed recognized from one country and prevents unauthorized application link with a live account, as is the case with Netflix on Wii.

The application  incorporates LoveFilm Wii U Off-TV option , ie you can see the selected program directly into the command console (eg in bed). The user can also choose to disable this option and use the Wii U screen to access Gamepad acquisition of information about the content they are watching or surfing the internet.

These functions are independent of Nintendo ILVT, service management of video content through Wii U.

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