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This year, the Japanese firm Sony are simply provided a single smartphone, focusing on the high end, and designed in two versions . We talked about the Sony Xperia Z and  Sony Xperia ZL , teams with five-inch screens that are distributed with different proportions. There was no mid-range equipment accompany this terminal, which looks like it would happen in the coming weeks. And is that as we have known through the site specializing Xperia Blog , the multinational Japanese would be finalizing the details to give out the new  Sony Xperia ZR.



The  Sony Xperia ZR , according to data that have been leaked, and therefore, at this time do not have the official backing of the manufacturer-, is conceived as a mobile smart phone segment aimed at users looking for a team of range medium-high . It balances its format based on a 4.6 inch screen that develops are solution of 1,280 x 720 pixels -no FullHD on this occasion, and equips one main camera megapixel thirteen . It has the attraction of being the first device in this category registered in the catalog of Sony to install a quad-core processor, which also operate at 1.5 GHz , which would be backed by a two GB RAM.

Speaking of memory, we might note that the condition of midrange smartphone this  Sony Xperia ZR is also illustrated by the fact that is has eight GB of internal capacity, which could be extended with the help of a microSD card with the total load that the user decides The battery of the Sony Xperia ZR, meanwhile, would reach 2,300 milliamps . At the moment, it is unknown if this unknown device from day work with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or if you would with the latest version of the Google operating system, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Another of the attractions that tell the Sony Xperia ZR would be something that seems to have become a trend: IP55/IP58 certified , which would be even more resilient than they already are the Sony Xperia Sony Xperia Z and ZL . However, the  Sony Xperia ZR bear thus continuing water dives to a depth of over a meter and a half, but since this device is not official yet, the specifics of the team’s off-road character in question is still a mystery, whose resolution will have to wait a while longer.

Unfortunately, no clues so far about when presented Sony this smartphone as well as the price that would have on the market. The multinational Japanese seem to want to go slowly consolidating positions, and while last year proceeded with the launch of many models, during this 2013 we would see a more measured and deliberate in order to concentrate their sales on the one hand, and strengthen its presence as a manufacturer of high-end equipment, on the other.

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