The Sony Xperia continue to offer free 50GB in Box

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There are many companies that offer users storage space in the cloud for free. One is Sony , which has signed an agreement with Box, one of the most recognized services, which provides 50 GB of storage space when buying a terminal Xperia range.

Well, it seems that the optimal collaborations for both, as they have just announced that next year the agreement is maintained and, therefore, those who buy a device of this product range from the Japanese company, accede again to 50 GB of free space … worse this time for life, improving the previous offer and, therefore, provides a better service to users.

The utility of cloud storage is unquestionable, because there you can store any type of file, from images to back up, and, best of all, it’s accessible from anywhere provided there is a browser or application specific (and Internet connection, of course). It’s no wonder that more and more people use these services.

Specific application incompatibilities

To get the free 50GB from Xperia, all you have to do is have the Android application , which can be downloaded from Google Play at this link , run it from a terminal in this range and register. As simple as that. From that moment, already has the features corresponding capacity at no cost.

Of course, not all are heading Xperia since models as those launched before the X10 version that have Android 2.1 or earlier , can not benefit from this collaboration between Box and Sony … which seems to be due to contracts signed and compatibility issues.

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