The Sony PlayStation benefits are reduced by 86.4%

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Sony has revealed that its gaming division has closed the last quarter of calendar year 2012 with sales fell by 15.1% to 268,500 million yen (2,151 million euros), which has resulted in a reduction in the benefits of the division in 86.4% to 4,600 million yen (36.8 million euros). consoles division has not suffered a greater impact on profits through the reduction in operating costs in the production of the PSP and PS3 game development . 

The costs have increased from 29,200 million yen to 4,600 million yen (36.8 million euros) in the last quarter, which has balanced the scales.The company reduced its forecast for the full year fiscal “primarily because reductions in unit sales forecasts in the handheld market, “which will have an impact on operating income for the division.This does not affect the corporation, as the overall results (including telephony divisions, televisions, computers, etc..) are unchanged. Sony attributes this to “Sales of games and consoles below expectations” but above all , “with  sales of PlayStation Vita since its launch in Japan in December 2011 . ” In fact, the company has reduced sales forecasts of the notebook again , now to 7 million units sold for the combined results of PSP and PS Vita.

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