The SMS, two decades later

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The anniversary is SMS. After two decades, the message by mobile phone has been enshrined in a single mode of communication in recent years, with the advent of free messaging services and social networks, begins to falter. Far is the first SMS sent on December 3, 1992 by British engineer Neil Papworth where he wished Merry Christmas-original message was “Happy Christmas” – his partner Richard Jarvis.

It was a year later, in 1993, when Nokia launched the Nokia 2110, the first mobile device that allowed the delivery and exchange of SMS between users.Thus, it is at this time when the home is part of the commercial use of SMS. Since then, millions of people around the world have used these messages of 160 characters in a basic mode of everyday communication.

According Sybase 365, SMS is the most widely used mobile data, used by 74% of mobile phone users worldwide and 3,700 million active users . According to the same company throughout 2011 were sent over seven billion messages , which means that every second 193,000 SMS sent around the planet.

20 Years of existence

The SMS also left us fun facts along its 20 years of existence. For example, is the preferred means of communication when congratulate parties and New Year’s Eve , when the message traffic increases between 80 and 96%. Another key is Valentine’s day since February 14 sent 30% of messages between lovers.

The 20 years have also SMS to create world records, such as the fastest SMS . On 13 November last year, the Norwegian Frode Ness entered the Guinness World Records for speed when composing an SMS message to 160 characters in just 34.65 seconds .

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