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Most will have noticed that since the developers conference last Wednesday , their website Google+ has a new design plus new animations that make it more appealing to the eye of the user. But not only has been a simple “facelift” that has made ​​the Internet giant to its social application. There is much more behind.

Google +

Google +

The company has expanded to integrate Google+ with many more of their services, which “force” in many cases, the user to be logged on Google+ to enjoy some “extra features.” For example, using the platform to check in resources , ask us if we want to download the app for Android, if accepted, the application will automatically download our tablet or mobile, and when we open up and registered.

The same happens with multiplayer games for Android , you can invite other players, we use Google+. Even the new Google Maps is integrated with the platform, so we can keep our favorite spots on the map and see all of our circles.

The new feature of Google+, where it notes that Google has put all their technological expertise, is in automatic labeling content that is shared , not just text if image not also, all designed to be able to suggest related content person who is viewing the content.

The messaging users has also been improved to become multiplatform, ie works both your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Able to create user groups and share pictures and video, in addition to the known hangout and group video calling, Google+ offers in one place all the features of its competitors, the only cross-platform for sharing media.

But probably the most surprising, especially for those who like to share their pictures, the whole system is designed Google to create and share photo albums on the cloud, probably the most advanced that there is, because it uses all her experience recognition of photographs obtained from years of Google Images, to select the best photos in the album, removing duplicates and blurry and giving priority to people leaving or have a particular aesthetic.

Google+ account provides 15 GB for storing images and tools to correct and retouch images automatically, such as skin softening, improving balance and color, remove red eyes and reduces noise.Attractive addition to the album, identifies the images that have been taken in sequence and groups to make an animation, and the photos that contain the same people, make a collage with them all.

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