The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be prepared in aluminum factories

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Many times we have heard that the new devices Samsung star would come with a metal case. However, the South Korean company has always opting for the plastic finish. However, this time there is reason to think that the new flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5 , will be aluminum. The company is already preparing the production chain.




From the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 through the Samsung Galaxy S4, it was said that they would be made ​​of metal, that the South Korean company had opted for a higher level manufacturing.However, HTC and smartphones Sony have manufactured high quality aluminum before Samsung, although the latter is the largest mobile phone maker in the world. Still, it seems that this time it is true that the company will have a new flagship manufactured with a metal casing. And the Samsung Galaxy S5 would be only one of the smartphones made ​​of aluminum, they will be more terminals to be made ​​with this material.

Moreover, not only know that the new Samsung Galaxy S5 would be manufactured with aluminum, but also the company would currently preparing the production lines, which makes sense when you consider that the use of this material would become the standard face to next year 2014. This does not mean that you are not going to throw plastic smartphones, which will probably occur with basic end phones. However, it seems that Samsung has found a way to manufacture aluminum terminals without imposing too high a cost. Probably the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, fabricated metal housing, has served as a test for what the coming year will be commonplace in smartphones of the company.

However, it never hurts to be aware that there could still be changes for next year. Whenever you launch a new Galaxy S or Note it is the same, there are problems of supply, which fail to meet deadlines, forcing them to have to change components to accelerate the manufacturing process. We do not know if the same will happen this time but will have to wait a few months until we know something concrete about the Samsung Galaxy S5 .


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