The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be cheaper in stores

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Movistar and Vodafone will struggle to capitalize on the commercial release of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the smartphone star of the South Korean brand, which will go on sale in Spain on Saturday, the 27th. Movistar, which remains true to its policy of not making direct grants terminals S4 market the 755 euros (624 plus VAT), which can be paid in 24 installments of 26 euros, without interest.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

Vodafone offers from zero euros, but subject to the provision of a terminal S2 and hiring your Red3 rate (the most expensive) for 90 euros a month and a commitment to stay for 24 months. Orange combines the sale of subsidized hiring terminal their higher fees or by installments over two years (659 euros including VAT).

In stores, the retail price of the terminal, unattached to any operator euros.Si 699 will take into account the persistence of 24 months in all cases and the cost of the rate plan must hire users , product purchase in stores is significantly more affordable than if done by operator, which proves that times terminals gift (especially high-end as the S4) who used mobile companies to capture customers have passed a better life. Tuned companies increasingly prefer margins and focus its business strategy on rates on mobile.

Telephnica’s offer of 755 euros in installments will be unique for any fee (Fusion, Fusion Zero Zero Contract, Contract Total, etc.). Oscar Fixtures, director of marketing at Telephonica, said the fact that the price is higher than the counter in stores not due to interest but the profit margin of the Movistar store network. Telephonica will market the S4 in over twenty countries where it operates.

Unlike its rivals, Vodafone provides terminal customers different prices, the subsidy varying according to contracted rates, although all of them stay for 24 months. Thus, with the base rate (calls to 1 cent a minute navigation 1GB) the customer makes a down payment of 249 euros (VAT included) and then 29 euros per month (plus VAT) per the agreed price.With the most basic RED rate (calls and unlimited SMS and 1.5GB of data) pays the initial cost 99 euros and 55 euros per month for the rate.

Vodafone opens fire in their main shops of Madrid (Calle Fuencarral 90, Goya 45, Puerta del Sol 12 and Top Digital Majadahonda) and Barcelona (Puerta del Angel). Customers who purchase the smartphone at each point of sale will be to gift a Samsung accessories pack.

Orange will offer customers the new Samsung S4 which can be purchased for 169 euros (205 euros including VAT) with the rates Whale Dolphin 55 and 60, (55 and 60 euros respectively plus VAT) or 25 installment sale per month for 24 months with a down payment of 59, so that the terminal is 659 euros final price. To celebrate the launch, Orange will host a special event in their stores Goya, Gran Via in Madrid, and Pelayo, in Barcelona.

A luxury mobile

Galaxy S4 is the smartphone more advanced Samsung 4. The most innovative features from previous models are those that have to do with that control the touch screen without detecting the eyes, the voice and movements of the user. So Samsung Smart Pause to control the screen depending on where we look and pauses a movie when you look elsewhere and is operated when you look back.

Samsung Smart Scroll allows you to scroll through the browser or the mails from top to bottom without touching the screen. Detects faces and recognizes the movement of the wrist to move pages according to their movement.

For its part, Air View helps users navigate with your fingers to pre visualize the content of an email, image gallery or video without having to open it. Lets have a expanded view in the internet browser or a phone number stored in the speed dial keyboard. Air Gesture to change the song up and down a web page, or take a call with a simple waved.

S Voice TM Drive option, which activates commands through voice control, for example, while driving. Once connected to car bluetooth, the phone automatically switches to driving, converting text to speech in order to check the messages securely, without having to move your hands.

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