The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini seen in some new leaked images

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The arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Mini S4 be confirmed, at least if one gives credence to some new images that have appeared in which you can see the potential to be the future design of the Korean company terminal. The truth is that they look quite attractive, I must say.

The appearance is quite similar to the Galaxy S4, but with smaller dimensions … well, what could be expected at first. Yes, we see that the color is so characteristic bluish gray is the manufacturer . The case seems to be made ​​of polycarbonate and has an interesting screen (aside, there is a carbon fiber division that gives a twist). What is clear is that the terminal is smaller in both width and high, that his “brother”.

Possible specifications have the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Here there is a list of the features that have been indicating respect to components that have the new terminal. For example, there is a large consensus that the screen would be 4.3 inches and the resolution of this would QHD (960 x 540). The panel type is included SuperAMOLED. I mean, nothing high end, as is evident.

Inside the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini what would be a processor dual core at a frequency of 1.6 GHz , which is unknown particular model (and brand), and the amount of RAM it is speculated that it would be 1 GB. The rear camera will have a 5 megapixel sensor … well, nothing shocking.

side of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Rounded Edge Mini Samsung Galaxy S4

According to rumors circulating this new model Samsung could be presented at the end of this month and start to get to the shop in the summer. Therefore, the bet is the same as with the model it is replacing: a terminal small, economical (at least is expected this) and would become an option for less demanding users.


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