The Samsung Galaxy S4, how dual processor 1.8 GHz Quad Core?

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So far, the strongest rumors indicated that the Samsung Galaxy S4 would have a processor Samsung Exynos 5450 , the new architecture based on ARM Cortex A15 . However, the imminent introduction of the new platform big.Little also ARM processor places as possible S4 to a chip that would consist of a structure of dual Quad Core CPU . In SoC chip count for a total of eight cores .

The advancement of technology and the purification of the manufacturing processes includes chips like the present ARM Holding the International Solid-Stat Circuit Conference , on 17 February. This is a new architecture called big.Little, which highlight the combination of high-performance processors and efficiency.

The novelty lies in their new chip fusion of two types of processors. For one find a processor ARM Cortex A15 Quad Core 1.8 GHz . Similarly encapsulated find another Quad Core, this time with architecture Cortex A7 and 1.2 GHz . latter processes would be devoted to less demanding smartphone. Its use would require a very low energy consumption. In work that demandasen more power, the chip Quad Core ARM Cortex A15 would pull out his performance. Thus, the balance between the performance of both parties offer high performance and efficiency equally.

The fact that the owner of the technology will present this solution in February triggered rumors. These include the possibility that this processor Dual Quad Core Samsung Galaxy landfall in S4 . However, if the smartphone from Samsung is presented at the Mobile World Congress as has transpired in recent days, the lead time to incorporate the new chip made on 28-nanometer could be a reason to exclude this hypothesis. However, other sources beyond indicating that the Asian manufacturer would be willing to delay the announcement of S4 in the Barcelona fair provided that the smartphone would include a processor so novel and attractive from a technological standpoint. In our opinion, it may be a bit hasty. Chances are that the Galaxy S4 bears the Samsung Exynos 5450, as initially rumored that new architecture is released big.Little, yes, in the Samsung Galaxy S5 , probably as early as 2014.

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