The Samsung Galaxy S3 reach the 19 million sales in summer

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This 2012 is proving quite lavish in records and personal bests for South Korea’s Samsung . Prior to the renovation of the high-end home with the third generation of the Galaxy S , we learned that the two previous deliveries exceeded 50 million units sold since the release of this family in 2010 and later was confirmed the leadership of signature Asian segment of mobile telephony in general and in the category of smartphones in particular , from there, did not stop the cascade of new standards, which have in the  Galaxy Samsung S3 the perfect host.

Samsung Galaxy S3

The last of the data that has been known as hand marks chain signed by Samsung is new, of course, the Galaxy S3 in the center of attention. The information comes through the agency Reuters , which echo the high forecast by  Nho Geun-chang , head of analysis at the company HMC Investment Securities , based in Seoul . This specialist would have reviewed that Samsung will be the summer of galactic , and as shown, anticipates that the Samsung S3 Galaxy have sold no less than 19 million units by the end of the summer.

The prediction Nostradamus makes this unique is unlikely to be crazy at all. Himself responsible for the telephone line in the Korean company, JK Shin , and expressed no hint of doubt that in July the company could confirm the mark of the ten million handsets sold , which would be nine million units outstanding to comply with the commitment expressed by Geun-chang . Seen this way, does not seem so risky that in just two months to get even the sales recorded by the terminal during the two months of release of the  Samsung Galaxy S3 . Especially if you consider that the  Galaxy Samsung S3is practically reference the phone market.

Samsung Galaxy S3

And, as happened last year, the fact that Apple has not responded as it did to launch in 2010 of theiPhone 4 , the premiere of the new touchscreen phone the firm at the beginning of summer , has been very well to Samsung , which has seen little walk has enjoyed almost alone in the last two years-first with the  Samsung S2 Galaxy and this year with the  Galaxy Samsung S3 -.

But there’s more: in September are expected to Seoul squeeze more artillery, represented here by theGalaxy Note 2 , to be unveiled shortly before what is expected to do Apple with its mysterious iPhone 5 , which presentation event is expected next month in October , complying with the anniversary of theiPhone 4S and loss of company founder Steve Jobs . Meanwhile, the sector would remain pending at the time to check how Samsung uses the corridor summer to build the best opening in the market for one of its high-end devices.

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