The Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus subjected to a test of autonomy

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The phone Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus does not take long in the market and is an updated adaptation of its predecessor so successful that it has been in the market for Samsung. In some sections of hardware has varied, but the battery is exactly the same as the previously included.

Therefore, it is worth knowing whether paragraph of autonomy has been improved, which if true, would be a very positive and a good result here it would be very attractive … and that, despite the time elapsed for hardware, as mid-range model can still give a good response today. Thus, we echo the tests they have done on GSMArena for you to have this information.


Time on the phone

Here, as is normal practice, the king is the Motorola RAZR MAXX with ICS (21:18). The position of the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus is acceptable because lets talk continuously 11 hours and 6 minutes . Therefore, it is very even to handsets as the HTC 8X and even surpasses models like Galaxy S3 (10.20) or Apple iPhone 5 (8:42). Port Therefore, good results, no doubt.

Figure autonomy talking

Surfing the Internet

In this test there or habitual winner today: Apple iPhone 5 (9:56). Here the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus offers a time without recharge 6 hours and 40 minutes . An acceptable result that allows terminals hobnob with HTC Droid eg DNA, with the same time, and beating devices such as Sony Xperia U (5:33).

Graphic Internet browsing

Video playback time

Here again, the rule is the Motorola RAZR MAXX with ICS (16:35), with an impressive mark. And right in this test, is where the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus gives her best. Get a very good result with 10 hours stuck , allowing you to get placed among the best out there today. Outperforms models such as the Galaxy S3 with JB (9:27) One or HTC X +. Without doubt, very good behavior.

Graphic video playback

In short, some interesting results that maintain the attractiveness of this phone as a terminal for the mid-range product.And, the work he did with it Samsung has proven to be very good and long lasting , something to be valued.

Rumors intensified thanks to a contest that has been created to generate an expectation (can be a simple advertising ploy), but that competition encourages vendors to participate by placing a store with customers and plans to generate more sales is left with a Samsung S4 (not mentioned Samsung Galaxy S4 but one can sense a clear).

The contest in which vendors would participate ending April 9, 2013. And to receive the award since the smartphone should be done with smartphones in the store, either before or after the event a few days later.

It is believed that the release dates of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is in the third or fourth week of Apri.On its technical specifications, and published some features of Samsung Galaxy S4 in the past.This information is available to give us an idea of what is expected.

Samsung has been attracting many users with Android smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy range of reference has been confirmed as smart phones like Apple’s iPhone Alternatives. The truth is that different models compete with greatly expands the level of competition. Samsung Apple faces with many different smartphones, while Apple does it with a single model.

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