The Samsung Galaxy S IV will feature a shatterproof

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It is rumored that the Samsung Galaxy S IV , may have a new technology that will make your screen “unbreakable”.

A report citing unnamed sources include various details about what to expect in the next major release of Samsung , and the main one is the possible inclusion of an OLED screen plastics. The plastic screen, which would replace the current screen glass used for the Galaxy S III is touted as unbreakable.

He has heard of unbreakable plastic screen Samsung last month in a report by resources, also said the new screens could be folded.

But besides being unbreakable, the report also says that the Galaxy S IV will be even bigger than the 4.8 inch screen GS3. In addition, higher resolution screens will be earlier.

Also expected to have a quad-core processor and a 13 megapixel camera.

The report highlights the launch of the phone for next April. 

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