The Samsung 64 GB Galaxy S3 could take to market

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The news has jumped into several pages following the publication GSMArena of the information provided by a reader. The subject in question has contacted this website to tell you that your reservation in advance of the Galaxy S III to 64 GB through Expansys had been canceled because the manufacturer seems to have decided not to release this version.

When it introduced the Samsung Galaxy S III to the world in its international version of its features was the ability to choose between three models of 16 , 32 and 64 GB . It is also true that after we learned that the version sold in Korea has 2 GB of RAM instead of 1 GB. This means that Samsung has different equipment depending on the countries in which the terminal is distributed. This may be a reasonable explanation to the news published GSMArena.

On this page, a reader in the UK have been told that he had advance booking at the store Expansys to buy a Samsung Galaxy S III had been canceled because the Korean manufacturer has decided not to release this version. However, the 16 GB model is available in both blue and white. So far, we have no data but it seems that only happened in this country and there is no official confirmation.

Although what happened to this informant is somewhat disconcerting, the fact is that this would have more relevance if the Galaxy S III did not have card slot micro SD . In fact, you can read up to 64 GB. Failure to include an internal memory of 64 GB also lead to a decrease in the final price of the equipment considering that micro SD cards can be found, today, quite cheap. Samsung has been able to make this decision when her model Galaxy S III of 64 GB has not generated enough interest from users, so its not worth making, as it has card slot.

There is another possibility, namely that it is a misunderstanding between Samsung and the dealer Expansys in the UK and that only affects this online store and in this country. So far, we have no news, but at least, is disconcerting, especially for users who had been booked.

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