The S4 Galaxy in a miniature version, a success in the shadow of the Samsung Galaxy S2

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The new device from Samsung could reach the market in the coming days. At least that’s what the latest rumors suggest. The short version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 could be seen in one day next week and arrive in stores in late May. 

Samsung galaxy S4

Samsung galaxy S4

A new set of Samsung to put all eggs in one basket. appears that Samsung would not want to wait any longer to the launch of Samsung Galaxy Mini S4 which would seem logical to experts “for that was not an obstacle to sales of the flagship” explain in some media.However, since the company wants to make clear that both devices are really different. The new Samsung Galaxy Mini S4 would have a dual core processor, possibly a Exynos, may be one big. LITTLE technology, and with a display of 4, 3 inches. However, the highlight is of course, the price will be much lower because of its big brother. Finally will have a screen resolution of 960 by HD is 540 pixels, an eight-megapixel camera, and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. According to some sources, the “really funny” is in its 4.3-inch screen. To explain his curiosity must go back to the past. About two years ago saw the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S2,becoming one of the devices sold in the history of smartphones. The funny thing is that it also had a 4.3-inch screen. We will have to wait a few days to launch and a few months to see his success.

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