The relentless ‘cleansing’ of Google

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Google has announced a new ‘clean’ of various services, most notably the abandonment of its Google Reader RSS reader from 1 July this year, after eight years of service .



According to the company, “the use of Google Reader is down” and wants to put all his energy “in a smaller number of products.” It offers users a way to export the contents of Reader, including user lists and favorite items through Google Takeout .

Reader Besides, next week the Internet giant is leaving the development of Google Voice application for Blackberry , a step closer to its explicit support the implementation HTML5 .

Google Building Maker also disappear. The tool that allows users to build three-dimensional models of buildings for Google Earth and Maps die on June 1, but users can access and export their creations. The reason is that the company is expanding the availability of new images in 3D on Google Earth for Android , and “people can still use Google Map Maker to add information for buildings, such as outlines and heights, Google Maps “.

The company also will stop updating the desktop versions of its photo editing app Snapseed -the ‘rival’ Instagram bought last year – for Windows and Mac latter one will end with a set of APIs.

70 projects closed

This is the second wave of closures of projects Google (actually, the first was divided into three ‘parts’, in September , October and November 2011 ) more or less popular, or more or less failed. Himself Larry Page , CEO of the giant he co-founded, in 2011 announced the closure of businesses that, according to the company, do not fulfill great opportunities to focus on if they do. To date, 70 projects have suffered this fate .

Abandonment of Google Reader, which was not updated since 2011, can be seen as a way to try to breathe life into Google , your bet on social networks. Already two years ago ended with services like Buzz and Jaiku that goal.

The company also ‘killed’ Google Desktop , a PC application that allowed users to search for files on your PC, or Google Health , a service of personal health record.

Other services were abandoned Google Bookmarks Lists , which allowed users to share their ‘bookmarks’ and Google Friend Connect , which allowed the ‘webmaster’ include social features into their web pages.

To this list we must add service Knol , the encyclopedia of experts created by Google to compete with Wikipedia, and Wave , a tool intended to unify on a screen e-mail, instant messaging, photo sharing services and documents and Google Gears , a web connection that had already taken out of its Chrome browser.

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