The problems of the camera of the iPhone 5, Android smartphones also

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Shortly after its release, some of the owners of the iPhone 5 showed his distaste for the camera operation . Apparently, the result of some photos under intense sunlight exposure was a “halo of purple ” purple haze , which distorted the colors of the catch. However, it has been shown that there is a failure of Apple since other models like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Motorola RAZR also have the “problem”.

This statement comes from the specialized media and electronic devices smartphones Consumer Reports. The technical team decided to test not only the Apple phone, but other models of the leading operating system Android.Surprisingly, results photographic cameras of different models have been similar.

Given the history of the famous Apple and failures of some of the versions of the iPhone, many of the owners of the phone on the block took to the main specialized forums to show their dissatisfaction with the operation of the camera, claiming that it was a defect. And is that under certain circumstances, the photos came out distorted, foggy, as evidenced by the screenshots attached. In short, poor pictures in picture quality. Since the new iPhone has an optical assembly (sapphire crystal) and improved backlight sensor that shown by the iPhone 4S, everyone expected an optimal result.

Following a statement from Apple on its customers explaining the origin of the problem, Consumer Reports wanted to see for themselves the theory launched by Cupertino. Now, with the results in hand, the company specializes in gadgets vindicates Apple after checking that, first, it is a problem inherent in the technology of these cameras and, second, that the problem logically detected in the sixth-generation iPhone also comes in other competing models such as Samsung Galaxy S3 and Motorola RAZR.

What is the origin of the so-called purple fringing?

The stain on the edges of the photographs taken under strong light bulb-the most common situation is the outdoor sunlight-is nothing but a chain reaction caused by the physical effects of the components of the camera. If we had to summarize it in two words, according to Consumer Reports analysis , we are talking of chromatic aberration. And the penetration of light (with a wavelength determined) through the optical either glass or plastic, distortion and produce a reflection of its trajectory. Therefore, the focus of the light at a point would not be all that requires accurate sensor. Also, other factors such as focal length and sensor size are also crucial for the photo to be reliable and the camera of a smartphone is to improve in these areas, but rather the opposite. Therefore, we could say that this problem is caused by the miniaturization of camera components. However, surprisingly, this issue has not transpired since long before the camera of smartphones is one element that has more importance as a whole.

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