The presentation of the LG G2 can be followed globally

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The South Korean company LG has announced the launch of the new LG G2 can be followed live worldwide via streaming . The LG G2 is, without doubt, the most anticipated smartphone of the company, is that the features that are expected to have certainly not leave anyone indifferent.



The launch event will take place on Wednesday, August 7 in the city of New York . If you do not want to miss any details of the new flagship of the company from five pm (Spanish time) will start the event, to which you are invited and you can see directly through LG Spain has channel on YouTube .

The LG G2 will succeed the current flagship of the company, the LG Optimus G. With the new LG G2, the South Korean company firmly committed to high-end smartphones, because it is a very powerful device characteristics. Among them, the screen of 5.2 inch s , processor Snapdragon 800 , memory RAM of 2GB and GPU Adreno 330 , features that become one of the most powerful devices on the market.

LG Optimus brand finally leaves for its high-end devices

You can start to shake other major devices currently on the market such as Samsung Galaxy S4, the HTC One or theiPhone 5 , among others, as the LG G2 comes stomping and eager to take on the world .

On the other hand, note that with the launch of LG G2 the company reinvents their brand , and that is that as expected, the high-end the company will no longer be called “Optimus” which could happen rumored to be used for devices midrange / low.

One of the things that characterize the campaign presentation ceremony to be held next Wednesday is the slogan“Learning from you” (learning from you). Through this sentence, the South Korean company suggests that we have learned from us and our needs , which have been taken into account when developing the new LG G2 . Furthermore, on the other hand, we say that for them are perfect. Considering this, we might consider that are implying indirectly that the draw on what they have learned from us your new device will be perfect, just like us.

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