The Pentagon seeks alternatives to Blackberry for improving its mobile network

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The Pentagon is considering a new network that allows its employees not only use Blackberry but also models of Apple iPhone or Google Android safely.

The Defense Department plans to hire a company to develop a system to safely manage at least 162,500 Android devices and iPhone and other Apple products like the iPad.

A Pentagon report indicates a “significant step towards obtaining a secure mobile communications system” for the entire Department, and if approved it could be extended to 8 million devices.

The Defense Department wants to offer its employees an alternative to the Blackberry and thus allow more access to a wider range of mobile devices with wireless network access safely.

Changes in other organisms

The Blackberry, so far the system used by the Pentagon to keep their networks of mobile communication, the device has also been used by other government agencies that have begun to change.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) decided this month to change iPhone BlackBerry because RIM device “no longer meets the necessary mobile technology that requires the agency.”

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), meanwhile, also stopped as the official phone BlackBerry this year. According to figures compiled the Canadian maker of BlackBerry, is losing an estimated 500,000 users each month compared to other devices such as iPhone and Android.

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