The patent lawsuit between Microsoft and Google, The Confession

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An expert from Google testified Tuesday that Microsoft will generate approximately nearly 94,000 million in revenue by 2017 from its game console Xbox and ‘tablet’ Surface , devices wireless technology used by Google.

The expert from Google on Motorola Mobility unit, Michael Dansky said on the last day of the trial on patents between Microsoft and Google in Seattle (Washington, USA). The figure of 94,000 million dollars includes a wireless adapter that Microsoft no longer sells. Microsoft declined to comment.

At the trial, which lasted a week in federal court in Seattle, examined the exact amount of the fee that Google must pay Microsoft to license some of Motorola’s patents. Google bought Motorola earlier this year by 12,500 million dollars , partly because of its patent library media.

Motorola aims to achieve 4,000 million dollars a year in use its patents on mobile and video, while rival Microsoft argues that deserves a little more than one million dollars a year. If District Judge James Robart decides that Google deserves only a small ‘royalty’, then your Motorola patents would be a bargaining weaker negotiating licensing agreements with rivals.

The rapid growth of smart phones has led to an explosion in litigation between the main actors in the dispute over the ownership of the underlying technology and the design of the phones. Apple and Microsoft have been litigating in courts around the world against Google and its partners, such as Samsung Electronics, which use the Android operating system on their mobile devices. Apple claims that Android is basically a copy of the iOS software and Microsoft has patents that cover holding a number of features of Android.

Meanwhile, Motorola and some other Android hardware manufacturers have launched another lawsuit. Before trial, Robart said the witness on patent licensing agreements between Microsoft, Motorola and other technology companies could be disclosed to the public, along with other sensitive financial information. However, the judge withdrew this week and said he was bound by precedent of appeals to keep that information secret.

Yesterday we heard for two hours in secret testimony. During the open session, Dansky said those Motorola patents are crucial to Microsoft and other technology companies, and deserve a higher fee. “You’ll have a hard time to sell smartphones or tablets,” said Dansky, without Motorola technology.


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