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It took but already here. We refer to the application , the revamped tool email from Microsoft that has come to replace the classic Hotmail .  

Although this change has already conducted a couple of months ago , while Microsoft does not seem to have worried much about its users on smartphones , who have had to maintain their old applications Hotmail, or other unofficial , if they wanted to receive their emails on these devices.

Although that has changed. For a couple of days and we have an official app of , at least for terminals operating system Android , which seems fully functional and useful for our emails instantly and at any time. However, an application should not expect entirely new and attractive, as the web versionof this email. It is a tool very basic but works without any problem.

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To configure your mail or Hotmail with this new application should only take a couple of steps in a guide in English that appears when you start the application for the first time. You just have to insert in the appropriate spaces, our user account and password . After that we can set the name of the account, the size of messages that allow you to upload and update time to check that there are new mails . An essential point in this regard is the ability to select Push notifications that alert us to new mail in the same time that we receive . After that, the application is available for use.

As seen, this is a tool with a visual appearance care nothing . At least compared to its predecessor, which suggests that it is a carbon copy in which only changed the name and some icons . So, we havefour tabs to manage all our messages. Home allows switch between different user accounts and Hotmail we introduce, avoiding having to use other applications if we have more than one.Meanwhile, All Emails collected our inbox all accounts, separating messages per day . In this same tab find the possibility of drafting an email if you drop down the menu and click the option Compose .

android outlook

However, if we have different accounts , each have a single tab to separate the contents and can diversify without problem messages and tasks. Finally, tab has a search to help find any email that we lost when entering several words that appear in it. The negative point we found in this application is its lack of a Spanish translation , which should be forthcoming, but after the expected time simply to use the application, we fancy a long period .

In short, a tool to manage our emails at least devices Android . We do not know if this will mail application for iPhone and iPad , and is there who is still waiting for Hotmail . The application now available for download through Google Play a totally free .

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