The Nokia tablet could be presented on September 26

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The possible Nokia tablet hard resumes. The Nordic company could complete its Windows ecosystem , which currently reign terminals Nokia Lumia , with a tablet that makes the firm can compete in one of the sectors that are growing. Also, there has appeared a picture that would confirm a new event that will be held in the United States next September . Will the venue chosen to show a new creation?

Nokia Tablet

                                                                                Nokia Tablet

Not the first time we talk about the possibility in which Nokia was working on a tablet . Indeed, one of the directors confirmed that fell within the intentions of the company, but wanted to see what the public reception of the last icons bets with Windows 8 .

On the other hand, Nokia is still the perfect companion Microsoft in its new stage . Moreover, the latter presented by the Finns has attracted much attention. His name is Nokia Lumia 1020 , a powerful smartphone with Windows Phone 8 and equipped with a sensor of 41 megapixels in the back and coming to deliver results in a very complete camera, with prints without noise.

However, the resources has leaked a screenshot where you can confirm that Nokia presentations have continued . And that presentations between teams will not have a very large space-time-we are talking about two or three months. Hence, the next 26 and 27 September, Nokia intends to appear on stage in New York City . And the first team that came to the minds of many is the possibility that the tablet is speculated reality.

Few details have emerged about. Moreover, these two days reserved by Nokia could be any other issue and leave out the possibility of a new presentation . However, a few hours ago it was a performance test on a team of Nokia with a screen size that would think that would be below 10 inches and with an ARM processor , so that the full version of Windows 8 is discarded . But with little demand that Microsoft has had its Surface RT model ? Nokia will risk throwing a model with this version of the platform.

Option phablet not ruled

On the other hand, another possibility being considered is that Nokia has dismissed the possibility of entering into the world tablet and have considered entering another even newer market: those phablets -these hybrids that are halfway between a mobile and a tablet. Moreover, according to some sources the portal, the team that is being presented in New York in September would be “… a rather small team, with a size close to 11 inches and it would take Windows …” .

In addition, this source confirms that the design line to follow would be the which can be seen today in the Nokia Lumia phones , with varied shades and rounded corners. Moreover, the confession ended with the model that was shown was red.


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